Corsair In The Fast Lane: DDR2-667 and DDR400 With Extreme Timing

3200XL Pro / XMS3208 Ver. 1.1

TwinX is the name Corsair gave the memory bundles in which the modules were tested in pairs for ideal timings.

Very briefly : these memory modules can be operated at the ideal timings of CL2.0-2-2-5 and thus provide the ideal basis for Athlon 64 systems - regardless of whether the system is Socket 754 or Socket 939 with dual-channel memory. What’s more, the AMD roadmap promises to launch the Sempron processor before summer is over, which will make its appearance for Socket A by the end of the year. Later, Socket 754 will obviously be prioritized. This all means that DDR memory will remain state of the art for some time to come.

We were able to effortlessly crank up memory speed to 235 MHz in a short test, but only by throttling the timings to CL2-3-2-6.

Activity LEDs feature on the top edge of the modules. With rising memory use they light up, making a real visual statement.