Corsair In The Fast Lane: DDR2-667 and DDR400 With Extreme Timing

5400C4Pro / XMS5402 Ver. 1.1

The DDR2 also works best in pairs. Pictured here is the top-of-the-range product with 2x 512 MB DDR2-667.

The DDR2 DIMMs with the cryptic name Twin2X1024-5300C4PRO support timings of CL4-4-4-12. We were able to achieve stable operation at 266 and 333 MHz with slightly better settings. The supply voltage is listed as 1.9 V. To crank it up to the maximum speed of 374 MHz, we had to raise this to 2.0 V and throttle the timings back to the slowest value of CL5-5-5-15.

Considering that the 533 modules (1 GB PC4300) are already changing hands for around $400 on many U.S. online stores, the price tag on the new Corsair DIMMs is bound to be astronomical in the first few weeks.

These DIMMs are also furnished with LEDs that light up like the Knight Rider cockpit. But Corsair’s color spectrum only covers green to yellow to red.

CL4-4-4-12 are nowadays the usual timings for DDR2 memory. Corsair keeps to these at 333 MHz clock speed as well.