Tom's Summer CPU Charts Assault

Tom's Interactive CPU Charts Get Core 2 And AM2 Processors

The last CPU Charts update was only four months ago, but the processor landscape has changed dramatically. AMD used to be the dominant power, but Intel's Core 2 Duo launch turned everything upside down. Not only are Core 2 Duo processors faster than the current Athlon 64 X2 lineup, but they also consume less power. Core 2 is a Cure to old Pentium pains.

However, selecting the right processor has not become any easier. There are still lots of different product lines and model numbers on the market, and the simple fact that Intel outperforms AMD in both performance and performance per Watt categories does not mean that a Core 2 Duo is your best pick by default. Don't forget that superior products come at a price.

Although Intel sped up the pace, AMD's Athlon 64 lineup provides plenty of power for your everyday tasks or gaming, comes at reduced prices and it still can be considered energy-efficient: AMD's processors have a memory controller that is directly integrated into the processor while Intel stays on a conservative course and places this element into the motherboard core logic, where it consumes more power and adds latency.

In the end it is the result that counts. We invite you to check out our brand new interactive processor charts to get an overview on processor performance across 37 benchmarks across multiple categories such as gaming, 3D rendering, audio or video transcoding or image editing. We also added a price/performance category that uses a performance index number and relates it to daily processor prices that are powered by TG Stores. Let's check out the test systems first.

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