Crème De La Crème: Special Edition 815 Boards and Useful Add-Ons

Azza 815EXP Plus Azza-Up Panel

Board Revision: 1.0

BIOS Version: January 20, 2001

Azza's 815EXP uses the 815EP chipset without integrated graphics. It features five PCI slots, three DIMM sockets, an AGP 4x slot, UltraATA/100 controller, four USB ports and an AC97 sound system. I was surprised to see two CNR slots on this board. Particularly because most users don't even equip one of them!

This board runs fast and reliable. Though the BIOS isn't as detailed as the Asus or AOpen ones, you will get all important switches to configure the hardware according to your needs.

The panel called 'Azza-Up' is included with this motherboard as well as Star Office 5.2, Linux Mandrake, a disk including the Azza-Up monitor software, Virtual Drive, a driver CD, two flat cables and a manual. The whole stuff is called Jumbo Pack.

AOpen's Dr. LED can be called monitoring hardware, while this panel is a hardware extension, making the audio jacks and two USB ports available at the front of your computer.