Crème De La Crème: Special Edition 815 Boards and Useful Add-Ons


Asus CUSL2(-LS)

Board Type: Asus CUSL2-LS

Board Revision: 1.02
BIOS Version: 1006

In our first 815 motherboard review, Asus' CUSL2 introduced itself with respectable features and both good performance and stability. Several months later the portfolio was expanded: The CUSL2-C uses the 815EP chipset, which does not include the graphics controller anymore. The CUSL2-M is a MicroATX motherboard with 815E chipset and last but not least there is the CUSL2-LS, which comes with an Adaptec 7899 dual channel U160-SCSI controller.

Except for the CUSL2-M, all CUSL series boards are based on the same hardware and similar BIOS versions. That applies in particular to the CUSL2-LS, as the layout was not changed. In order to add LAN & SCSI features, Asus removed one PCI slot in favor of a proprietary interface. This slot is the host of an add-on card that carries the LAN and SCSI hardware:

I included the CUSL2 to see how the special edition boards perform compared to a common product.