Creative's E-MU 0404: Pro Sound Quality on the Cheap

Drivers And Software, Continued

The software bundled with the card includes Cubasis (a MIDI and audio sequencer) and Wavelab Lite (an audio editor) - two classics, but nevertheless very useful if you're a novice and don't own more powerful packages. A trial version of DiscWelder Bronze is also offered. This software lets you create your own DVD Audios using a DVD burner. It's a way of going beyond the 16 bit/44 kHz barrier for your personal creations. You can burn five DVDs, after which you'll have to pay for the software (which is not exorbitantly priced).

Cubasis has all the basic functions of an audio and MIDI sequencer. The 0404 comes with a configuration you can load.

Wavelab is an audio editor that's very good for beginners or for simple processing.

Creating your own DVD Audios is now within reach!