Creative's E-MU 0404: Pro Sound Quality on the Cheap

Behavior At 16 Bits/44.1 KHz

The measurements we made using CD settings produced results that are very close to the theoretical optimum values! It's hard to find anything to criticize. The 0404 will give you excellent results in this configuration. Remember, the maximum signal-to-noise ratio is around 98 dB with 16 bit quantification.

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Frequency response (40 Hz - 15 kHz):-0.11, -0.06 dB
Weighted signal-to-noise ratio:96.4 dB(A)
Distortion:0.0013 %
Stereo separation:98 dB

Frequency response : The 0404 is very close to perfection, since the fraction of a decibel of deviation won't even be audible!

Noise level : Noise is extremely low and incidents are very limited or nonexistent in the upper part of the spectrum - which is rare.

Dynamic capacity : No surprises here; the same very low noise levels were found for this measurement too.

Distortion : Undetectable up to 100 dB, distortion is obviously very far from being a problem.

Intermodulation : Intermodulation distortion readings were also extremely low.

Stereo separation : Absolutely negligible over most of the sound spectrum, diaphony increases slightly in the upper frequency range, but is still very far being a problem.