Creative X-Fi: A New World of Sound

The X-Fi Line

Four X-Fi cards are being launched simultaneously, to suit the needs and desires of different users. The X-Fi XtremeMusic could be considered the basic card, aimed mainly at music listening, general entertainment (DVD and games), and the other basic uses of a sound card. It's a PCI card with no particular extensions. The directly accessible connections (1/8th inch jacks only) are limited to a "FlexiJack" input - usable as a microphone, line, or digital S/PDIF input - and speaker outputs. The latter, naturally, are 7.1, spread over three jacks as on previous Creative 7.1 cards. Note that the stereo output (the first output jack) is usable as a headphone jack, unless you use a non-standard model. There's also an extension connector for an external rack if you want to upgrade. Internally, there's an auxiliary input using a Molex connector, and another extension connector for an optional internal rack. There's also a proprietary extension connector, the purpose of which has yet to be defined.