Creative X-Fi: A New World of Sound

SRC: Sound In Time, Continued

The SRC is not only a technical achievement, it's also a tool that allows the X-Fi card to deliver its promised performance in quite a few areas. The first is obviously synchronization of digital signals, but it can also create effects, such as sound ambiences or movement effects, with much greater precision than anything that's existed until now at the consumer level.

The Doppler effect of a moving object can be created more easily and precisely with the SRC!

The principle of traditional digital synchronization

Digital synchronization as performed by X-Fi, handled entirely by the SRC. Much simpler for the user!

Finally, SRC is a source of savings in areas like synthesizing, and more generally, the storage of samples (wavetables) intended for reproducing music. It allows the transparent conversion of a small number of samples to produce a wide range of notes, by adjusting various parameters such as pitch and vibrato at will.