Creative X-Fi: A New World of Sound

Three Cards In One

As we've said, X-Fi cards have three operating modes: Entertainment (for activities like listening to music or watching a DVD), Games, and Audio Creation (sound and music). You choose one of the three via a Mode Switcher and the card is reconfigured to provide the best performance for the activity chosen. Naturally, the possibilities - and also the control panel - are different depending on the configuration you choose. The table below provides a summary.

The Mode Switcher lets you choose the operating mode that corresponds to what you're doing at a given moment. The X-Fi card is reconfigured in a few seconds to provide the best possible performance.

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Header Cell - Column 0 EntertainmentAudio CreationGames
3DMIDI PlaybackYesYesYes
3DMIDI InteractionNoYesNo
EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0LimitedLimitedYes
EAX ADVANCED HD 4.0LimitedLimitedYes
Number of Auxiliary Effects244
Maximum Number of Reverbs124
Insert EffectsNo4No
ASIO Out Channels: Dry1 pair5 pairs1 pair
ASIO Out Channels: FXNo4 pairsNo
ASIO In Channels: WUH888
ASIO In Channels: Basic2 (1 pair)2 (1 pair)2 (1 pair)
ASIO 2.0 SupportLimitedYesLimited
ASIO 2.0 Direct Monitoring012 (6 pairs)0
Bit-Matched PlaybackNoYesNo
Bit-Matched RecordingNoYesNo
CMSS-3DVirtual (2 Speakers)YesNoYes
CMSS-3DVirtual (4 Speakers)NoNoYes
24 bit CrystalizerYesYesYes
Graphic EQ10 bands10 bands10 bands
Smart Volume ManagementYesYesYes
Bass ManagementAdvancedNoAdvanced