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Das Keyboard 4C Professional Review

We review the Das Keyboard 4C Professional, a straightforward tenkeyless keyboard with Greetech Brown switches.

Our Verdict

The Das Keyboard 4C Professional is a sturdy, well-made product that will appeal to people who want a tenkeyless keyboard that skips the bells and whistles but still offers key features such as mechanical switches.


  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Simple, tastefully austere design
  • Stable on the desk, no sliding whatsoever


  • Extra metallic noise when typing
  • Keycap sticker outlines visible


Das Keyboard has a reputation for simple and clean-looking, high-quality keyboards. But there was some confusion when the company announced its new 4C Professional and 4C Ultimate models. The marketing materials were vague about which switches the keyboards used, and many of us erroneously jumped to the conclusion that they were Cherry switches.

Oddly, Das Keyboard wouldn't clarify that information for us. So once we got our hands on a sample, we started yanking off keys and found Greetech switches underneath.

Why the change? The company won’t say, although a representative was adamant that it had nothing to do with saving money. He further noted that this by no means indicates Das Keyboard is moving away from Cherry switches, generally speaking. Even so, here we are with a keyboard sporting Greetech switches, as opposed to Cherry. You can read into that whatever you want.


The model we have on hand is the Das Keyboard 4C Professional. I am not brave enough to attempt using the 4C Ultimate's blank key design:

Thanks, but no thanks. Let’s dig into the Das Keyboard 4C Professional.

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