Das Keyboard Prime 13 Review

Das Keyboard is one of the more mainstream names in the mechanical keyboard space that isn't primarily making "gaming" boards. The flagship Das Keyboard lineup has gone through several revisions over the years (currently the Das Keyboard 4) but has always stuck to a minimalist feature set with optional blank keycaps—they don't even have LEDs, let alone RGB LEDs. The Das Keyboard Prime 13 is an attractive alternative that includes LED backlighting at a lower price than the Das Keyboard 4.


The Prime 13 has a slim profile, solid design, and Cherry MX Brown keyswitches and costs $129. However, you lose a few features from the more expensive board. Still, maybe that's worth the tradeoff for something that doesn't cost quite as much.

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  • Tom Griffin
    I have owned much to my wife's pressure an original DAS Keyboard not as good as an old fashioned IBM 3270 terminal but damn close. i like the sound when you make a mistake touch typing.
  • AgentLozen
    What makes an IBM 3270 so good?
  • brad.scholz
    Buckling spring switches and rock-solid build quality