DeepCool GamerStorm DQ-M V2L 850W Power Supply Review

The DeepCool GamerStorm DQ-M V2L 850W power supply offers good performance but it isn't as quiet as the competing offerings.

DeepCool GamerStorm DQ-M V2L 850W
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DeepCool utilized a mainstream platform from CWT, with code name GPX, and with some modifications, it managed to get good performance out of it along with a long hold-up time, since they also changed the bulk capacitor. This change costs a lot, since bulk caps are among the most expensive parts in a power supply, along with the cooling fan and the switching MOS(FETs). 

Speaking of FETs, we were not pleased, at all, to see lower grade FETs made by off-brand Chinese manufacturers in this unit. CWT might use a superior full-bridge topology in this platform, instead of the half-bridge that the higher-grade GPU design uses. Still, it only did so to lower the production cost since this topology allowed for lower and much more affordable FETs. It is strange to see such an extended warranty period, reaching ten-years, in a product that doesn't use quality FETs. The aggressive fan speed profile might boost reliability, but it won't help in the long run if you push hard the PSU on a daily basis. 

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With higher quality FETs and a stronger boost diode in the APFC converter, this power supply would be equally good, if not better, than its competitors. This is not the case, though, and despite the ten-year warranty that DeepCool provides, we are not sure if it will manage to outlive it, especially if you are not gentle with it. 

On top of that, the fan speed profile is aggressive, so under high loads and increased operating temperatures, the PSU will make its presence felt. This product could be so much better if it used the proper parts. As it is, the majority of competing offerings, including the Corsair RMx, Seasonic Focus, and XPG Core Reactor, are better choices. 

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