Dothan Over Netburst: Is The Pentium 4 A Dead End?

Asus CPU Upgrade Kit CT-479

The CPU upgrade card uses the same socket as the mobile processors in notebooks.

The adapter's operation is easily explained. First, it is fitted into the Socket 478 on a mainboard built around the Intel i865 or i875 chipset. Then the Pentium M processor is placed into the adapter's socket. Since the P4 models are mechanically incompatible, a suitable cooler comes included with the socket adapter.

It is worth noting that neither the low voltage (LV) nor the ultra low voltage (ULV) versions of the Pentium M are supported by the socket adapter. Also, the CT-479 kit currently only works in a few select Asus mainboards, not all of them. So far, the compatibility list only includes the P4P800SE, P4P800-VM and the P4C800-E. In addition, a BIOS update is required for the update to work. Asus' compatibility list can be found at the following URL: ASUS .

It is essential that the board have a 2-Mbit ROM, which can be manually replaced in the case of the Asus Expresso barebone. Simply exchange the Flash EPROM with one containing the most recent BIOS for the P4C800-E.

The package clearly states that permanent damage can occur if you try to use the adapter with incorrect processors or incompatible motherboards.