New Drivers: ATi FireGL X1 & Z1 with High Performance - Finally

Generation Change: A New V10.28 Driver

The driver's interface has not changed since our last test with version 10.21. What's more important, though, is the driver core, which has improved significantly with this new version 10.28. This is shown by the following benchmarks.

General note: if you're accustomed to the marketing numbers in reference to the memory, then you will be sure to notice "620 MHz" for the DDR memory. The purpose of this is to make you aware of the double data rate. Technically, 310 MHz is the correct number.

Because of the i850 platform of the test, the Transfer Mode shows AGP 4X. On a Granite Bay motherboard, AGP 8X would be indicated. However, this does not usually lead to higher performance in practice.

Uwe Scheffel