New Drivers: ATi FireGL X1 & Z1 with High Performance - Finally

A New Approach

In our last article, the ATi FireGL X1 didn't turn out great results. We saw a large discrepancey between the theoretical performance and the actual performance scores. Now, ATi has introduced a new generation of drivers that is supposed to do away with this problem. So we put the FireGL X1 through the test again, in order to determine how this OpenGL graphics card would fare. In addition, we also put its smaller sibling, the FireGL Z1, into the test field, as well.

Fire GL Z1 128 MB

The FireGL Z1 differentiates itself from the X1 only through the trimmed-down graphics engine. Instead of the eight pixel pipelines of the Radeon/ FGL 9700 chip, the 9500 only uses four. A positive aspect is that the clock frequency of the chip and memory are the same for both models - 325 MHz and 310 MHz, respectively. The Z1 becomes very interesting when you consider ATi's asking price for this model, which is $200 less than the X1 with 128 MB.

There are two DVI-I jacks on the slot cover to enable dual-monitor operation. You can choose between analog displays and digital models. ATi does not make room for a connector for 3D glasses.

Uwe Scheffel