DTS and 7.1: Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Pro

Performance At 48 KHz

Frequency response : The Platinum Pro can always be blamed for having a rather limited level in extreme treble because the drop in quality is noticeable above 15 kHz. With sampling at 48 kHz, it's a case of "could do better"...

Noise level : The result can be described as excellent. As promised, you gain a few decibels in comparison to the Platinum EX.

Motional capacitance : Same as for the signal/noise ration. Excellent, and getting better.

Distortion : Very weak, distortion is similar to the Platinum EX. It's hard to do better.

Intermodulation : Distortion still very slight but it should be remembered that no comparison with previous tests is possible because the measurement method is different.

Diaphony : The values are of the same order as with the previous model, i.e., excellent. The variations may be due to dispersion of features of the components..

  • This rocks, I use it. but creative sucks. I have to use modified X-Fi drivers with modified XP software to get eberything to run, and the remote doesn't work at all. Found intelliremote, recommend it for this, or anything really, can customize the remote to control anything, not jst creative's playcentre thingy :-)