DTS and 7.1: Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Pro

Creative Audigy 2 ZS: Just The Card

The basic version of this new Audigy is a PCI card on its own. It is fitted with all the necessary connections with the exception of the MIDI/games, which are installed on a separate card in the now-standard format. For many users who don't use MIDI and attach their games connectors through the USB port, this socket is useless so you could discard it; there's no point in cluttering up your PC with it.

The card has the two standard input circuits (line and mike) and a digital output on a 3.5 mm jack, that can be used with Creative sound systems that have digital input. It can also be used with any other standard digital equipment through an adaptor cable. There are also three 3.5 mm output jacks of the type that have become standard, but in this case, although the first is a traditional stereo jack, the other two offer three channels each, so that there is a total of eight 7.1 sound channels. Naturally, as in previous versions, you can be sure of compatibility even if you connect to a 5.1 or 6.1 system.

The possibilities offered by this card can be extended further if you buy an internal rack that can be linked via the extension connector on the card, using the same arrangement offered by Creative's earlier cards. In the case of the ZS, the internal rack is only available if purchased online (over the internet).

  • This rocks, I use it. but creative sucks. I have to use modified X-Fi drivers with modified XP software to get eberything to run, and the remote doesn't work at all. Found intelliremote, recommend it for this, or anything really, can customize the remote to control anything, not jst creative's playcentre thingy :-)