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Dual Core Processors For Low-Power, High-Performance Desktops

Efficient AMD Processors

TypeModelL2 CacheClock SpeedMax. Power Draw
Turion 64ML-441 MB2.4 GHz35 W
Turion 64ML-42512 kB2.4 GHz35 W
Turion 64ML-401 MB2.2 GHz35 W
Turion 64ML-371 MB2.0 GHz35 W
Turion 64ML-341 MB1.8 GHz35 W
Turion 64ML-32512 kB1.8 GHz35 W
Turion 64ML-301 MB1.6 GHz35 W
Turion 64ML-28512 kB1.6 GHz35 W
Turion 64MT-401 MB2.2 GHz25 W
Turion 64MT-371 MB2.0 GHz25 W
Turion 64MT-341 MB1.8 GHz25 W
Turion 64MT-32512 kB1.8 GHz25 W
Turion 64MT-301 MB1.6 GHz25 W
Turion 64MT-28512 kB1.6 GHz25 W

Efficient Intel Processors

TypeModelL2 CacheClock SpeedMax. Power Draw
Pentium M7802 MB2.16 GHz (FSB533)27 W
Pentium M7702 MB2.13 GHz (FSB533)27 W
Pentium M7652 MB2.1 GHz (FSB400)21 W
Pentium M7602 MB2.0 GHz (FSB533)27 W
Pentium M7552 MB2.0 GHz (FSB400)21 W
Pentium M7502 MB1.86 GHz (FSB533)27 W
Pentium M7452 MB1.8 GHz (FSB400)21 W
Pentium M7402 MB1.73 GHz (FSB533)27 W
Pentium M7352 MB1.7 GHz (FSB400)21 W
Pentium M7302 MB1.6 GHz (FSB533)27 W
Pentium M7252 MB1.6 GHz (FSB400)21 W
Pentium M7152 MB1.5 GHz (FSB400)21 W
Pentium M7051 MB1.5 GHZ (FSB400)21 W
Core SoloT13002 MB1.66 GHz (FSB667)27 W
Core DuoT26002 MB2.16 GHz (FSB667)31 W
Core DuoT25002 MB2.0 GHz (FSB667)31 W
Core DuoT24002 MB1.83 GHz (FSB667)31 W
Core DuoT23002 MB1.66 GHz31 W

Socket 479 hosts both the Pentium M and the Core Duo, but the Core Duo requires the latest specification update and a current chipset of the 945/975 generation. Pentium M will run on the 915.