Fastest IDE Hard Drive Ever: IBM Deskstar 75GXP

IBM DTLA-307030

I received a lot of emails from our readers complaining about the missing IBM and Maxtor drives in the recent hard drive reviews at Tom's Hardware Guide. Generally we don't leave out certain products intentionally. If some drives were missing so far, it's simply because they were unavailable to us for different reasons.

First of all I want to apologize that you had to wait until now for us to review IBM hard drives. I'm also expecting to receive the latest Maxtor drives rather soon.

IBM's Deskstar Family

Finally, we received a 30 GByte model of IBM's latest IDE Deskstar series, the 75GXP. The series is called DTLA and follows a tradition which goes back 11 drive generations. IBM launched their Deskstar family with two 540 MByte drives (one IDE, one SCSI) several years ago. Those drives ran at 4500 rpm and came with 96 kBytes cache.

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Family nameCapacityInterfaceCache memoryRotation speed
DSAA270 to 720 MBytesPIO396 kB4500 rpm
DPEA540 to 1080 MBytesPIO396 kB5400 rpm
DJAA1.2 and 1.7 GBytesPIO496 kB4500 rpm
DAQA2.1 to 3.2 GBytesPIO4128 kB5400 rpm
DCAA3.6 and 4.3 GBytesPIO496 kB5400 rpm
DHEA4.3 to 8.4 GBytesUltraATA/33476 kB5400 rpm
DTTA 16GP3.2 to 16.8 GBytesUltraATA/33512 kB5400 rpm
DTTA 14GXP10 to 14.4 GBytesUltraATA/33512 kB7200 rpm
DJNA 25GP10 to 25 GBytesUltraATA/33512 kB or 2048 kB5400 rpm
DJNA 22GXP9 to 22 GBytesUltraATA/662048 kB7200 rpm
DPTA 37GP15 to 37 GBytesUltraATA/66512 kB or 2048 kB5400 rpm
DPTA 34GXP13 to 34 GBytesUltraATA/662048 kB7200 rpm
DTLA 40GV20 to 40 GBytesUltraATA/100512 kB5400 rpm
DTLA 75GXP15 to 75 GBytesUltraATA/1002048 kB7200 rpm

All IBM drives are well known for their excellent reputation regarding performance and reliability.