Flexible Data Storage Across Networks: iSCSI put to the Test

Adaptec Storage Manager: The Need For A Pool

The first step in making an Adaptec iSCSI device operational is creating a so-called agent...

... which will be reachable under the name and IP address of the host system.

In Adaptec's lingo, "storage pools" are usable, configured storage areas, such as a RAID 5 array.

The configuration itself is easy and goes step by step. Anyone who has ever set up a RAID controller should not have any trouble creating a pool.

At this point, the drives that will belong to the storage pool are selected. In our case, the number of drives is limited to four, due to the iSA 1500's space constraints. The Adaptec controller also wouldn't be able to address any more drives (being matched with the Storage Array). The software, on the other hand, could.

Done! The RAID 5 array we created first had to be initialized. In the status display, Adaptec does not differentiate between an initialization and a rebuild.
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