On The Fly: Boot Knoppix Linux, Keep Windows Installation


Given Linux' growing use and acceptance, many users want to try Linux out, but want to keep Windows installed and unblemished on their PCs as a backup. So is there a way to play with Linux and still keep Windows intact without damaging your existing OS configuration?" The Knoppix Linux distribution was created a few years ago to solve that problem. Linux newbies can use Knoppix to play with Linux, without touching their precious hard drives. Hackers will find Knoppix extremely useful, because it contains awesome security auditing and system imaging/recovery tools. Knoppix is a great Linux tool for all skill levels, and can benefit all users.

Knoppix can be downloaded for free from KNOPPIX , and is available in either English or German language versions. After you download the ISO image, just burn it with your favorite CD Burning program (such as Ahead Nero). If you have a slow Internet connection, then you can order the CD from vendors (same link as above) for about $3 to $5 USD. In this article, Knoppix Linux version 3.3, which was released Feb 9 2004, is reviewed.