Forget about Home Movies: Two Software packages render camcorders into a 15 GB Data Storage Device

A Professional Tape Drive For $60? Continued

FireWire cable carries the current

Interface to the DV camera

Connecting a PC system or notebook to the DV camcorder

According to the maker DV Streamer, it's possible to store up to 15 GB of data on a regular 60-minute DV tape. That's not too bad if the interested user reflects that a tape can be had for less than $3 and constant data transmission is 3.52 MB/s. Mid-range tape drives can't do any better, after all. The 15 GB bit should be treated with caution, however, since in this case there's no error correction running and the camera's long-play mode (80 minutes recording time on a 60-minute tape) is active. Only 8.7 GB can be saved at normal tape speed and active error correction; 13.1 GB in long-play mode.