Fujitsu MAN3367MP - A Gentle SCSI-Runner

Drive Temperature

The next surprise comes from the temperature measurements: Fujitsu's MAN drive doesn't even get very hot! Incidentally, this is also its biggest advantage over Seagate's 15k rpm drive, the ST318451LW, which is literally the hottest model available. 46 degrees Celsius for a 10,000 rpm drive is the best temperature that we have measured. Congratulations to Fujitsu!


When people talk about hard drives, Fujitsu usually isn't the brand that first comes to mind. However, this new drive is a remarkable one, as it provides excellent performance and up-to-date technology, at very reasonable prices. The low heat dissipation is an advantage that is sometimes underestimated by many people, but it is important - particularly in times when processors and chipsets tend to consume increasingly more power.

Although SCSI has lost prominence in the desktop sector, this technology is not obsolete at all. The MAN3367MP could also be used in an SCSI environment for high-end desktop computers, since hard drives like this one are able to provide everything you want. This drive is fast, cool, relatively quiet, and affordable - and that is exactly what high-end users like to see.

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