Full Review of SUMA's GeForce2 GTS 64 MB SE

The Board

The final release board (aside from the PCB color) should remain exactly the same as the one pictured above. SUMA went with high-speed 5.5ns memory, a DVI connector (more on this later), video-out, and a nice cooling solution. This card compares with the best we've seen so far but surpasses them with the addition of the 5.5ns memory. The clock speed of this product right out of the box is 200 MHz core and 400 MHz memory. The memory speed alone should provide for some improvements in performance over the competition. One last feature to note is that the board is capable of being used in an AGP Pro slot (it has the extra slot piece). Most users that don't happen to own one of the recent Asus motherboards don't have an AGP Pro capable motherboard but don't worry, the board worked just fine in my BX platform without AGP Pro. Overall the board looks well constructed and I saw nothing but quality components used throughout.

Software And Driver Interface

There isn't much to speak of here as the software consists of NVIDIA reference drivers and the software DVD player. This would normally be fine with me; however, there is one huge problem. The reference drivers with 'cool bits' enabled cannot control the, already fast, hardware settings. My next default software to try was Powerstrip but still there was no luck with getting the higher settings to work reliably. My final answer came late last night but it cannot be discussed until after Monday some time so keep your eyes open. We'll try to squeeze in an update on this boards ability to overclock at that point in time.