Full Review of SUMA's GeForce2 GTS 64 MB SE

Test Setup

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Graphics Cards and Drivers
Radeon DDR 64 MB4.12.3044
SUMA GF2 64 MB GTS SEGeForce2 GTS 32/64 MBGeForce DDR 32 MB4.12.01.0532
Platform Information
MotherboardAsus CUSL2
MemoryCrucial PC133 CAS2
NetworkNetgear FA310TX
Environment Settings
OS VersionWindows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A
DirectX Version7.0
Quake 3 ArenaRetail versioncommand line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0OpenGL FSAA set to 4X Super Sampling
ExpendableDownloadable Demo Versioncommand line = -timedemo
EvolvaRolling Demo v1.2 Build 944Standard command line = -benchmarkBump Mapped command line = -benchmark -dotbump
MDK2 DemoDownloadable Demo VersionT&L = OnTexture Quality = Max settingMipMap = OnTrilinear Filtering

Test Notes

Resolutions below 1024x768 resolution were dropped because the data generated was only offering good feedback for platform performance. With high-end solutions such as these, the true differences are seen at the mid to upper resolutions (1024-1600).

In all tests, the higher the score, the better the average frame rate.

Overclocking benchmarks will be done at a later stage due to software configuration limitations at this point in time.