Full Review of SUMA's GeForce2 GTS 64 MB SE

The Competition

We've reviewed several of the available GF2 solutions. You can find the links to the reviews below.

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Most of the reviewed GF2 hardware was of the 32 MB flavor and configured for the standard reference speed settings of 200 MHz core and 333 MHz memory. The only cards that were significantly faster due to default hardware settings were the Guillemot and CARDExpert solutions. The Guillemot idea was seemingly a flop because it ended up having users re-flash their video BIOS that put their hardware back to the default recommended settings for reliability reasons. Gainward's CARDExpert on the other hand never came out with their 5ns flavored GF2 product and ended up shipping the standard 6ns setup. As far as hardware goes, there is no GF2-equivalent product available to compare to the SUMA offering to.

I put together an updated specification and pricing table for you to quickly reference. Prices may vary in your area but these are accurate at the date of the article's release. Price was based on the average of the two to three lowest prices found.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Core/Memory SpeedMemory SizeVideoMisc.Price
AbsoluteMM GF2200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBNoneHard to find$275
AOpen PA256 Deluxe200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBOptionalOpen BIOS$289
AOpen PA256 Pro200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBVideo OutRow 2 - Cell 4 $259
Asus V7700 Pure 64 MB200 MHz/333 MHz64 MBNoneRow 3 - Cell 4 $335
Asus V7700 Deluxe200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBVideo In/OutRow 4 - Cell 4 $289
Asus V7700 Pure 32 MB200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBNoneEasy to find$249
CL Annihilator Pro 2200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBNoneEasy to find$219
ELSA Gladiac 64 MB200 MHz/333 MHz64 MBOptionalVIVO option$399
ELSA Gladiac 32 MB200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBOptionalVIVO option$249
Gainward CARDExpert GF2 64 MB200 MHz/333 MHz64 MBVideo OutRow 9 - Cell 4 $330
Guillemot Prophet II 64 MB200 MHz/333 MHz64 MBVideo OutRow 10 - Cell 4 $330
Guillemot Prophet II 32 MB200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBVideo OutRow 11 - Cell 4 $259
Leadtek WF GF2 64 MB200 MHz/333 MHz64 MBVideo OutRow 12 - Cell 4 $335
Leadtek WF GF2 32 MB200 MHz/333 MHz32 MBVideo OutRow 13 - Cell 4 $249
SUMA GF2 GTS 64 MB SE200 MHz/400 MHz64 MBVideo OutQuestionable availability$300

Prices are fairly similar but there are obvious differences when you compare the 32 MB and 64 MB adapters.

Although not all the products are clocked as fast as the SUMA, they are selling for a bit cheaper.