GeForce 8800: Here Comes the DX10 Boom


Amazing! That is the long and short of what we have covered today. To keep with tradition, Nvidia has these new cards available right now. There are e-tailers willing to sell them to you if you wish to spend the suggested price of $599 for GeForce 880GTX and $449 for GeForce 8800GTS. After seeing the results and what will be in store for the future, let us leave you with one more thought: the games are just around the bend, and not only will DX10 hardware play them when they arrive, but more importantly, they can play your games better NOW.

Here is an example of what a supermodel can look like when rendered in DX10. Meet Adrianne Curry in all her Direct3D 10 splendor. (Click for a larger image)

Author's Opinion

I am impressed by Nvidia's implementation DX10/D3D10. Seeing Crysis running in real-time and seeing some of the demos that Curtis Beason and his team put together is amazing. The implementation of CUDA into the picture makes the graphics card something much more than a frame rendering device. C+ compiled programs running on the CPU in conjunction with the parallel computing power of a versatile shader core with Stream Out is beyond comprehension as the possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see the community's implementation of such a wonderful tool.

G80 leaves me wanting more. Why, might you ask? The only thing lacking is the CONTENT! Come on software developers... we want to see the DX10 games NOW!

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