GeForce 8800: Here Comes the DX10 Boom


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been our ultimate torture test. This is the only title with which the GeForce 8800GTX cannot produce more than 30 frames per second in a test. However, that is when the resolution is maxed out at 4 MPixels per frame (2560x1600) and every feature is enabled in the game. Scaling back to 2048x1536 with all of the bells and whistles turned on plays above 30 fps in the outdoor scenes, which is certainly impressive.

Here are two images from our testing. The first is the image we get on the ATI X1950XTX at 2560x1600.

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The second (below) is with the 8800GTX with the same settings.

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This image is far superior in quality compared to that of the ATI. It looks like the tables have turned in that department. That brings us to other advances Nvidia has made with G80.