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Nvidia's GeForce GTX 480: Before And After A Year Of Driver Updates

Benchmark Results: Aliens Vs. Predator (DX11)

1680x1050High/No AA1680x1050Ultra/4x MSAA1920x1080High/No AA1920x1080Ultra/4x MSAA2560x1600High/No AA2560x1600Ultra/4x MSAA
Percent Gainfrom 197.41 to 266.5814.34%12.09%14.72%13.35%20.52%17.77%

Aliens vs. Predators was released prior to the GeForce GTX 480's launch, and it provides the most impressive results thus far. Across the board, there is about a 15% jump in performance. At low-quality settings at 2560x1600, the GeForce GTX 480 suddenly achieves 20% higher performance than when it first debuted.

If you look at this from one driver to the next, there are very clear trends. From 197.41 to 257.21 and 260.89 to 266.58, there is virtually no improvement. Any speed-up seems to occur somewhere between two and six months after the GeForce GTX 480's release.