GeForce2 Scaling Analysis

Fast CPU Or High-End Graphics Card?

GeForce2 GTS

After choosing a platform you have to figure out which CPU and which graphics card to use. Since the price war between Intel and AMD broke out in summer 1999, the regular price drops devaluate microprocessors faster than anybody would have expected. Even the fastest processors have become rather affordable.

Choosing a fast processor may ensure a prolonged lifetime of the computer, but it will also increase system costs. Even though we are not talking about $ 800 CPUs like some years ago, those $ 300 for an Athlon 1200 might still be wasted if you do not need high performance. An Athlon 900 costs approximately $ 150 right now and still performs fast enough for almost all applications.

Teaming up such a mid-class processor with a high-end graphics card like a GeForce2 Ultra seems to be quite a good idea, as fast graphics cards are not that CPU-dependent today (see benchmarks later). Doing the opposite, using an Athlon 1200 or Pentium 4 with a TNT2/Ultra or GeForce2 MX is quite a silly idea, unless you don't require 3D-performance, as the graphics board is definitely no adequate partner for those processors in 3D-applications.

Going the middle course is usually the best choice. The fastest components need fast partners in order to show their potential.