GeForce2 Scaling Analysis

SYSmark 2000: Windows 98 SE

As you can see the good old SYSmark scales very linear: More CPU clock will always improve your overall performance. Those applications do not require vast memory bandwidths or high clocked 3D chips, making those three graphics card equally good choices.

Mercedes Benz Truck Racing

NVIDIA's latest driver set 7.52 seems to be a little buggy, as I faced some display bugs when running MBTR. I re-checked those results by using driver version 6.47 which did not produce those errors.

It is very interesting to see that this game runs on an Athlon 800 just as good as on a 1200 MHz model. MBTR does not even seem to be memory bandwidth sensitive, else the GeForce2 Ultra would have scored even better results compared to the GTS.