The New Generation Is Here: Celeron 2.0 GHz, with 0.13 µm

The Architecture Of The Celeron

Pentium 4 architecture is a fixed constant in the processor sector. In this respect, therefore, only the most important features are listed:

The following articles contain more detailed information on the architecture of the Pentium 4.

Intel's New Pentium 4 Processor

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Celeron: How The Models Size Up Against One Another

The Celeron family is noted for its confusingly large number of models. Whereas the first Celerons (Covington) could be had without an L2 cache in 266 or 300 MHz versions, the next generation entered the fray with the L2 cache (Mendocino core), starting from 300 MHz. It was at this time that the change from slot 1 to socket 370 took place, so you had to be very well informed in order to make sure that you were not buying the wrong model. It was possible to overclock some of these processors by up to 50%, so you could operate most of the 300 MHz Celerons at 100 MHz FSB x 4.5, instead of the usual 66 MHz x 4.5, which raised the speed to what was at the time a formidable 450 MHz.