The New Generation Is Here: Celeron 2.0 GHz, with 0.13 µm

Celeron: How The Models Size Up Against One Another, Continued

The Coppermine core then moved in at 533 MHz and brought with it a veritable flood of models. Intel managed to extract up to 1100 MHZ from this core technology, bringing a total of 14 processors onto the market and causing confusion primarily among private customers, since it was often not clear to the non-techie which processor worked at which FSB speed.

The Tualatin core gave a new lease on life to the Pentium III architecture. With 512 kB cache and various improvements, the Tualatin was able challenge the Athlon. The Celeron also benefited from this core, albeit with only 128 kB cache, and also with only the usual 100 MHz FSB instead of a possible 133 MHz. But Intel was concentrating all its efforts on the Pentium 4 - knowing very well that the route via the highest possible clock speeds could ensure domination.

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ProcessorCeleron300 - 533Celeron533A - 1100Celeron900 - 1400Celeron1700 & 1800
Process0.25 µm0.18 µm0.13 µm0.18 µm
CPU PlattformSocket 370Socket 370Socket 370Socket 478
CPU Front Side Bus66 MHz66/100 MHz100 MHz400 MHz quad-pumped
L1 Cache32 kB32 kB32 kB8 kB
L1 Cache mitCPU ClockCPU ClockCPU ClockCPU Clock
L2 Interface128 Bit128 Bit256 Bit256 Bit
L2 Cache128 kB128 kB256 kB128 kB
L2 ClockCPU ClockCPU ClockCPU ClockCPU Clock
Architecture and RAM
Memory clock66 MHz66, 100, 133 MHz100, 133, 266 (DDR) MHzSDRAM: 100, 133, 166 MHzRDRAM: 400 MHz, 533 MHz
ChipsetsIntel 440LXIntel 440LX, 440BX, i810, i815VIA Apollo Pro, Apollo Pro 133/A/TSiS 633/635Intel 815EPTVIA Apollo 133/TApollo Pro 266/TSiS 633/635TIntel 850, 850EIntel 845/DIntel 845E, 845GIntel 845PE, 845GE, 845GVSiS645/DX, 648VIA P4X266/A, P4X333, P4X400
Command Extensions
3D Nownononono
3D Now+nononono
Multi-processingnoYes (Athlon MP)nono
Core voltage2.0 V1.5 - 1.7 V1.30 to 1.65 V1.75 V

The 2 GHz Celeron is essentially similar to the 1.7 and 1.8 GHz models, only the structure has been reduced to 0.13 µm. As a result the operating voltage falls to 1.5 V.