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Generation Change: Eight Motherboards For The Athlon 64

Features Table

ModellAN50RZNF3-150K8V DeluxeK8T Neo (MS-6702)
Revision1.21.0Rev. 1.121.0
BIOS VersionAN50S00U (10/03/2003)29a30 (10/29/2003)1003 BETA 017 (10/24/2003)1.1 BETA 4
Dimensions30.5 cm x 24.5 cm30.5 cm x 24.4 cm30.5 cm x 24.4 cm30.5 cm x 24.5 cm
CPU SupportAMD Athlon 64Athlon 64AMD Athlon64Athlon 64 (Socket 754)
CPU Clock (2200/ 2000 MHz)1994.4 MHz2020.1 MHz2000.0 MHz (0.0%)2000.0 MHz (0.0%)
FSB Clock (200 MHz)199.4 MHz202.0 MHz200.0 MHz (0.0%)200.0 MHz (0.0%)
NorthbridgenVIDIA nForce3 150nVIDIA nForce3 150VIA K8T800VIA K8T800
SouthbridgenVIDIA nForce3 150nVIDIA nForce3 150VIA VT8237VIA VT8237
Memory Speed(s)DDR200 DDR400DDR333 DDR400DDR400DDR400
Memory ModesSingle ChannelSingle ChannelSingle ChannelSingle Channel
Memory Timings2.0 3-2-6 (SPD)2.0 3-2-6 (SPD)2.0 3-2-6 (SPD)2.0 3-2-6 (SPD)
Memory Slots3333
Maximum RAM3 GB2 GB3 GB3 GB
ECC/Registered Memoryno/nono/noyes/nono/no
System Components
Piezo PC Speakernoyesnono
AGP Card Lockyesnoyesno
Northbridge Fannononono
FAN HeadersCPU, System (2x)CPU, System (2x), RadEX FanCPU, System, Power (3x)CPU, NB, System x2
Voltage Regulators3-Phase4-Phase3-Phase2-Phase, up to 60 Amp.
I/O Components
Mass Storage ControllerNVIDIA nForce3 150nForce3 150VIA VT8237VIA VT8237
Storage Ports2x UltraATA/133, 2x SATA-1502x UltraATA/1332x UltraATA/133, 2x SATA-1502x UltraATA/133, 2x SATA-150
Secondary Mass Storage ControllerSilicon Image Sil3112ASilicon Image Sil3114Promise PDC20378Promise 20378
Secondary Storage Ports2x SATA-1504x SATA-1502x SATA-150. 1x UltraATA/1331x UltraATA/133, 2x SATA-150
RAID SupportRAID Mode 0, 1RAID Mode 0, 1,5, 10Raid Mode 0, 1, 0+1RAID Mode 0, 1, 0+1
Floppy Controlleryesyesyesyes
Primary Network ControllerIntel 82540EM, 1000 Mbit/sBroadcom BCM5705, 1000 Mbit/s3COM Marvel 940, 1000 Mbit/sRealtek 8110S, 1000 Mbit/s
Secondary Network ControllerRealtek 8201BL, 100 Mbit/snonono
USB Ports (integrated/additional)4/22/44/44/4
FirewireVIA VT6306 (3 ports)VIA VT6306 (3 ports)VIA VT6307 (2 ports)VIA 6307 (2 ports)
Game Portnononono
IR Connectoryesnonoyes
PCI Slots5x 32 Bit PCI 2.35x 32 Bit PCI 2.35x 32 Bit PCI 2.35x 32 Bit PCI 2.3
PCI-X/PCI Expressno/nono/nonono/no
AGPAGP 3.0 (8X)AGP 3.0 (8X)AGP 3.0 (8x)AGP 3.0 (8X)
ACR/AMR/CNRno/no/noCMR (Chaintech Multimedia Card)nono/no/no
Temperature MonitoringCPU, SystemCPU, SystemCPU, SystemCPU, NB, System
Fan MonitoringCPU, ChassisCPU, Northbridge, ChassisCPU, Chassis, PowerSupplyCPU, Northbridge, Chassis
Smart/ Manual Fan Controlnonoyesyes
Voltage MonitoringyesCPU, Chipset, DIMM, AGPCPU, DIMM, AGPCPU, Chipset, DIMM, AGP
Power-Up on...Schedule, Keyboard, LAN, ModemSchedule, Keyboard, Mouse, LAN, Modem, USBKeyboard, LAN, ModemSchedule, Keyboard, LAN, Modem
Power-Up after Power Lossyesyesyesyes
further-BIOS UpdateInstantMusic, BIOS LiveUpdate, PC ProbeCoreCell chip, D.O.T, LiveUpdate3, Meta I/O
On-Board Audio
TypeAC97 2.2PCIAC97AC97
ChipRealtek ALC650VIA NV24PTADI 1980Realtek ALC655
Surround Support6 Channel7.1 Channel6 channel6 Channel
yescketsLine-In, Line-Out, Mic, SPDIF-OutLine-In, Line-Out, Mic, Bass/Center, SurroundLine-In, Line-Out, Mic, SPDIF (opt./comp.)Line-In, Line-Out (front ch.), Line-Out (center & subwoofer ch.), Line-Out (rear ch.), SPDIF coaxial output, SPDIF optical output
ConnectorsCD-In, AUX-In, SPDIF-InCD-In, AUX-InCD-In, AUX-InCD-In
BIOS Details
TypeAward/ PhoenixAward/ PhoenixAMIAMI
Version/ DateAN50S00UBIOS Check Sum or Date code2003A07
Update viaDOS, WindowsDOS, BIOS (3.5" Disk), WindowsDOS, BIOS, Windows, InternetDOS, BIOS (3.5" Disk), Windows
Special FeaturesLiveUpdate3, Cool'n'Quiet (via BIOS update)
Setup viaBIOSBIOSBIOSBIOS, Windows (CoreCenter)
FSB Frequency Range/Steps200 - 280 MHz/1 MHz200 - 400 MHz/1 MHz200 - 300 MHz/1 MHz190 - 280 MHz/1 MHz
Memory Frequencies100/ 133/ 166/ 200 MHz266/ 333/ 400 MHzno200/ 266/ 300/ 333/ 400 MHz
Asynchronous Memory Clockyesyesautono
AGP Clock66 - 100 MHz/1 MHzautoautoauto
CPU Voltage0.800-1.700/0.05 V1.45-1.55/0.025, 1.55-1.7/0.05+ 150 mV1.50-1.67/ 0.02 V
Memory Voltage2.7-2.9/ 0.1 V2.6-2.9/ 0.1V2.5-2.6/ 0.1 V2.55-2.85/ 0.05 V
Chipset Voltage1.70-1.90/ 0.1 V1.6-1.9/ 0.1V2.5-2.6/ 0.1 Vno
AGP Voltage1.60-1.80/ 0.1 V1.6-2.2/ 0.1V1.5-1.7/ 0.1 V1.55-1.85/ 0.05 V
Additional Information
Model VariationsK8V Deluxe + Wifi@Home bundle
NotesBundled with CBOX3 ( front panel with 6-in-1 card readers, Audio/1394/USB ports, 80 port display), 3 color exchangeable panels (Black/White/Silver),Round cables x3, Thermal paste, 4-in-1 screwdriverASUS Wifi slot, ASUS QFan control, ASUS EZFlash, ASUS MyLogo2
Included Motherboard ToolsAWDFlash, WinFlashBIOS Update Software, Monitoring UtilityBIOS Update Software, Monitoring Software, Logo SoftwareLiveUpdate3, CoreCenter,
Included SoftwarenoAntiVirus 2003, Promagic, ImageItPCCillin Anti Virus 2002, InterVideo WinDVD SuitePC Cillin 2003
Cables2 UltraATA, 2 SATA, USB, IEEE13942 UltraATA, 4 SATA, 1 Floppy, 4 SATA Power Cable3 UltraATA, 2 SATA, 1 Floppy2 UltraATA Round Cable, 2 SATA Cable, 1 SATA power cord
Additional Add-OnsSATA power cable, 1394 bracket, USB bracket, SPDIF bracket (optical/composite)Meta I/O: 5 audio yesckets for truly 5.1 channel audio support, suppor t SPDIF coaxail and optical output both, support IEEE1394 6 pin and 4 pin (I-Link)