The Giga Battle

3D Gaming Performance - Quake 3 Arena

NVIDIA's new 5.08-driver produces excellent results for each system. Giga-Coppermine on 440BX is incredibly fast and way ahead of any competition. Surprisingly the new driver makes VIA's Apollo Pro 133A score better than Intel's 820 chipset, which proves once more that you've got to be insane buying a system with i820. Athlon lags behind Pentium III, but with frame rates of more than 130 fps it is still looking very good.

3D Gaming Performance - Quake 2

Quake 2 with its special 3DNow!-support would almost have been won by Giga-Athlon, if there wasn't this crazy old 440BX chipset. Coppermine is lagging behind Athlon on all 'official' platforms though.