Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra

Introduction, Continued

As the chart shows, the new Ultra version of the 3D cooler shows a remarkable improvement in its cooling capacity.

Because of the many improvements, the cooling capacity, across all speed ranges, is much better than Gigabyte's previous coolers. Even if the Ultra version is running at a minimum speed of 2000 rpm, it is head and shoulders above the Pro version with a thermal resistance of only 0.32 K/W.

We measured up to 63.4 dB(A) at a revolution speed of 5000 rpm.

Because the cooler is identical to the Pro version, Gigabyte wasn't able to reduce the noise level. With a maximum revolution speed of 5000 rpm, the noise level of 63 dB(A) is deafening.


According to the manufacturer, the new 3D cooler will cost no less than $60/€60. While the cooling capacity, at the expense of a high noise level, is good, we think that the price is way too high, and therefore, not recommendable. Other manufacturers offer models with comparable cooling capacity, but at a much lower price.

The smaller version of the 3D Cooler Series only costs $38/38 €, and comes without the four blue LEDs, as well as the option of adjusting the revolution speed according to the needs of the user.

The first beta version of the new 3D coolers for the 775 socket.

All models fit the 320, 478, 754, 940 and A sockets. Gigabyte already has a 3D cooler that will fit the new Intel socket 775 that is about to be released.

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