Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra


In February, Gigabyte introduced its first CPU cooler, the 3D Cooler Pro (PCU21-VG) . While this cooler offered a better cooling capacity than AMD's and Intel's boxed coolers, it didn't convince because of its high noise level.

Now the Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer has launched two other versions: the 3D Cooler Ultra (PCU31-VH) and 3D Cooler (GH-PCU21-FD). Gigabyte's 3D Cooler Ultra has four innovations compared to its Pro model. The cooling fins are also made out of copper, which also make it heavier, weighing in at 430 grams. Also, the fan's motor has more power, with up to 5000 rpm. Gigabyte has also improved its coolers' heat-conductive paste, which the company says Intel has rated as "good," and has improved upon cooling capacity with a new heat pipe fluid design.

With its 3D Cooler (GH-PCU21-FD), Gigabyte now offers a well-priced model. The mechanics of the GH-PCU21-FD are practically identical compared to the Pro version. As a result, the heat pipes, as well as the base, are made out of copper, while the cooling fins themselves are made out of aluminum. The cooler runs at a constant speed of 2500 rpm, which cannot be adjusted.

The cooling fins of the Ultra model of Gigabyte's 3D Cooler Series are made out of copper.

The smooth, even contact area supports a good level of heat transmission between the CPU and the cooler.

Gigabyte offers a great looking package to win over new customers.

The scale of the potentiometer reaches 5000 rpm.

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