Looking Good with the latest Coolermaster Musketeer III

Front Panel With Vacuum Tube, Continued

Reverse side of the front panel

Hooking up and running the Musketeer III requires that you have the right peripheral PC power supply connector. Analog audio signals are captured externally to the sound card, and fed to the front panel via a cable. Once there, the vacuum tube provides "harmonic treatment" of the audio signal. A second cable connected to the line out feeds the sound signal over to a slot adapter, where speakers or headphones are connected. It's too bad that the Musketeer III can only process two channels, meaning sound cards for 5.1 or 7.1 cannot be utilized to their fullest.

Power and audio connections

Connection cable of the Musketeer III

The VU meter needle jumps along with sound levels

Siggy Moersch
  • Eikonikos Eikon
    What is the purpose of this vacuum tube in front panel?
  • smeezekitty
    Now that is strange
  • smeezekitty
    I wonder if the input is fed into the grid of the tube and the output taken from the plate in a traditional configuration?

    In other words, is the tube operated how it is supposed to be used?