Looking Good with the latest Coolermaster Musketeer III

Front Panel With Classic Vacuum Tube

Front panel with built-in vacuum tube and VU meter

Coolermaster always has a surprise or two in store with its front panels; these 5.25" bays are quite different in their functionality and appearance than those of their competitors. The same holds true for the company's latest progeny, the Musketeer III, code-named RF-5AD-SAB1.

With this device, Coolermaster is once again honing in on the issue of sound. Where its two previous models only offered optical displays, with the Musketeer III, vacuum tubes are employed to create a warmer, more harmonious stereo sound. Another element on the front panel is a VU meter indicating sound levels. The needle jumps in sync with the level when playing DVDs, CDs or MP3 tracks. You can even hear the needle topping out over the scale during loud sequences. Unfortunately, the volume control is a cheap-looking slider, which after only a short period of time began making a squeaking noise.

Function panel box

The Musketeer III front panel comes in a nifty-looking cardboard box along with a connection cable, screws and the user manual. A direct connection to the computer is only possible via the sound card stereo outputs. Installing a driver is not necessary.

Musketeer III specifications

Just like 60 years ago: an amber colored vacuum tube

Don't touch! High voltage under the hood.

Siggy Moersch
  • Eikonikos Eikon
    What is the purpose of this vacuum tube in front panel?
  • smeezekitty
    Now that is strange
  • smeezekitty
    I wonder if the input is fed into the grid of the tube and the output taken from the plate in a traditional configuration?

    In other words, is the tube operated how it is supposed to be used?