Hercules 16/12 FW: Affordable, Professional-Quality Multichannel Audio

In Practice

There were no particular problems with setting up the 16/12, though you might run into some issues in learning whatever software program you'll be using. Obviously we won't go into that area, since everything depends on your experience with audio and with your chosen software tools!

The major strong point of the 16/12 is obviously the number of inputs and outputs it has, which lets you to do complex recording. Clearly you'll need some equipment if you're going to exploit all its possibilities - instruments, a mixing board, mikes, etc.

As illustrated by Hercules, the configuration needed for using the 16/12 will require you to round up a good deal of equipment. And this is only the stripped-down version...

You can start with only a limited amount (one or two instruments, a mike, and a playback system), but you won't be using the full capacities of your 16/12.

Unlike some other professional sound cards, the 16/12 can also operate in multimedia mode, for playing DVDs in surround sound up to 7.1 (Dolby Digital or DTS, depending on your playback software and the content of the DVD). The only problem will be the connections between the device's outputs and the input of a sound system. They're not the same type of connectors, and you'll have to adapt the outputs to the proper inputs on your sound system. A test DVD (or appropriate software) can help you. For regular use, obviously you should plan on making up a cable for connecting the 16/12 to your sound system, with clearly marked connectors.

  • dr3tri
    Article does not tell whether this can do MIDI merge between it's two MIDI IN or not. Could you tell it in here, at comments section? Anyone?