High-End Headphones, Reasonable Price

On The Graph And To The Ear

We ran the EDS-200FW through our gamut of test measurements, listened with it on a range of equipment and compared it to other headphones with known qualities (and faults). The hardware we used is shown below.


  • Processor: Athlon 3000+
  • Memory: 1 GB of DDR
  • Sound card: E-MU 1820
  • OS: Windows XP Home SP2

Comparison headphones:

  • Sennheiser HDR85, Sony MDR555

Audio playback:

  • Magix MP3 Maker Centurion (software)
  • Creative Zen Nano Plus (MP3 player)


  • DAAS 32audio measurement system, Neutrik 3282 artificial ear, Neutrik 3381 microphone

The frequency response results weren't very flattering. The two channels didn't measure at the same level and there were a lot of irregularities. This model went down relatively low in the bass, but with significant attenuation of the sub-bass. The extreme high end was all but absent. The two-way technology MM Gear emphasizes in its marketing copy doesn't seem to be all that highly perfected.

Response obtained on artificial ear

The impedance was more or less in line with the manufacturer's claims. In practice, it should be no problem.

In actual use, the first thing you notice is that the EDS-200FW is highly efficient. The sound level is high even without turning up the volume. That's a point in its favor for compatibility with MP3 players that don't put out a lot of power to the headphones.

Your first impression will be very good if you choose a vocal selection. This unit's strong point is its clear, powerful midrange with no obvious coloration. That makes this a very seductive set of headphones that may well work their charm on you. But their shortcomings are no less real when listening to instruments, which were often rendered with a lot more coloration. We could also criticize the lack of sub-bass (but then that's a shortcoming of most lightweight headphones) and above all a lack of impact in the low register. This is not the set for you if you want very low bass that "kicks butt."

On the other hand, the midrange and a good overall expansiveness in the reproduction are very attractive, and could make this the right choice for you Compare Prices on Headphones.

In Conclusion

Comfortable to wear and to listen to, the MM Gear EDS-200FW is far from being a perfect set of headphones, but their characteristics make them a good choice for use with an MP3 player whose original earphones aren't very good. And the reasonable price is obviously a point in their favor!