High-End DDR3 Memory on the Hook

Supertalent ProjectX W1800UX2GP (DDR3-1800)

The last DDR3 memory pair in this roundup is Supertalent's ProjectX. These DIMMs are equipped with massive aluminum heat sinks, but they still look rather simple: no special color, no pimping. We liked that the modules are properly labeled and also include the information that is relevant to an enthusiast: memory capacity, speed and timings. The only information that we missed is the voltage. In fact, we could not even find this information on the website, and a data sheet for this product also could not be found. Since 2.0 V has been working with all the other DDR3 products, we decided to start our overclocking tests at this speed. We found, though, that we had to increase to 2.1 V at DDR3-1850 speed, and couldn't go faster even at higher memory voltages.

Supertalent rates its DDR3-1800 memory at CL7-7-7-21 timings, which is nearly as fast as Corsair's Dominators at CL7-7-7-20. Interestingly, we couldn't achieve more than DDR3-1850 speed with either of these two products, which leaves us to assume that the products might be based on the same memory ICs. If you want to run even higher clock speeds you should have a look at Supertalent's W1866UX2G8 kit, which is rated for DDR3-1866 speed, but only at CL8-8-8-24. In our experience, this might give you a few megahertz of extra margin for overclocking.

  • ilysaml
    i'm stuck with 1333 MHz and it's really pretty cool
  • Can you specify what brand and/or model number that ddr3-1352 RAM is? It flattened the 1600 with identical timings, and I'd like to know why.