High-End DDR3 Memory on the Hook

Corsair Dominator CM3X1024-1800C7DIN (DDR3-1800)

The Dominator DIMMs we had in our labs are already half a year old, which should explain why we couldn’t run the memory faster than DDR3-1850 speed - a pair of the latest modules would probably deliver better overclocking margins. Since we specifically asked for DDR3-1600+ products and not for "I want it all", we decided to wait for a new high-end shootout once several products have passed the 1 GHz line (DDR3-2000).

The CL7-7-7-20 timings of Corsair’s Dominator RAM are still top of the class, as we don’t expect 1800s to reliably support CL6 timings any time soon. The Dominator comes with the Corsair Airflow, which is a snap-on fan module you can install right above your DIMMs.

  • ilysaml
    i'm stuck with 1333 MHz and it's really pretty cool
  • Can you specify what brand and/or model number that ddr3-1352 RAM is? It flattened the 1600 with identical timings, and I'd like to know why.