Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006, Part 1: PC Components

Sytrin KuFormula SHF1: Hard Drive Cooling

Cooling can mean more than just the processor: many components inside a modern PC dissipate heat, and won't mind being cooled properly for the sake of longer component life. Sytrin's KuFormula VF1 has been a very convincing cooling solution for graphics processors; now we have received the hard drive cooling kit SHF1 for the Holiday Buyer's Guide.

The SHF1 is a 5.25" drive bay module that has to be installed into an empty bay inside your computer case. The front panel is made of aluminum and is available in black, red or yellow. Two 40 mm fans with blue LEDs are factory-installed to ventilate your hard drive, which is mounted inside the SHF1. You may also install the top aluminum plate, which acts as a heat sink for the hard drive. As you install a hard drive you will notice that it is buffered by rubber elements to reduce vibration and provide a level of shock protection.