Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007, Part 2

IOGEAR Hi Def Automatic HDMI Switch (GHDMIAS2) Adds Second Port

by Barry Gerber

If you need just one more HDMI port on your PC, receiver or HDTV, IOGEAR has a low priced option for you. Just add the company's two-port High Definition Automatic Switch, and you're all set.

The device supports the 1920x1080 progressive scan HDTV format commonly known as 1080p. On the resolution side, it is compliant with the HDMI spec up to 1920x1200. Depending on your point of view, it also happily (sadly) supports HDCP content protection compliant devices. The switch supports a bandwidth of 2.25 Gbps, and is compliant with the HDMI 1.3 specification.

The GHDMIAS2 works with a wide range of products with HDMI ports, including video game consoles, media PCs, computers, set top boxes from cable and satellite providers, DVRs, DVD players and AV receivers.

The IOGEAR GHDMIAS2 is small, simple, and inexpensive.

On the back of the IOGEAR HDMI switch you'll find, from left to right, a 6 V DC power in socket, an HDMI out port, and two HDMI input ports.

The diagram shows a typical configuration. A game console and hi-def DVD player are connected to the two input ports. The output port connects to an HDMI input port on an HDTV set, but it could just as well be connect to an HDMI-input-capable PC. Optional HDMI-to-DVI connectors let you connect to a device with DVI, as opposed to HDMI, inputs or outputs.

The GHDMIAS2 automatically switches to the most recently powered of the two devices connected to it. You can also use a push button switch on the front of the unit to toggle between connected devices manually. Front panel LEDs show which of the two connected devices is currently selected. The device retails for between $73 and $96.

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Included in the BoxTwo-port HDMI automatic switch, 6 ft male-to-male HDMI cable, power adapter, quick start guide, warranty/registration card
Height1.0 in (2.5 cm)
Width4.7 in (12 cm)
Depth3.5 in (8.8 cm)
Weight0.4 lb (0.2 Kg)
Warranty3 years

IOGEAR also makes a four-port HDMI switch similar to the GHDMIAS2. This switch comes with a remote control; its model number is GHDMIAS4.

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