IDF Fall 2006: From Core 2 Quadro to 80 Cores

Intel CEO Paul Otellini Refers To Tom's Hardware Guide As The Reference

The Intel Developer Forum, or IDF, has been one of the most important entries in Intel's event calendar. This fall's show starts off with a plethora of news, with the upcoming Core 2 Quadro processor being the most important. Intel's CEO Paul Otellini did not miss the opportunity to emphasize the benefits and opportunities of four cores on the desktop and in the enterprise space - and he referred to Tom's Hardware Guide as his favorite tech website.

This statement relates to our early quad core "Kentsfield" preview, which we released two weeks ago. We did not have Intel's blessings for this project, nor did the firm provide samples or support in any way; yet is seems this article has become the reference for everyone who is looking for information on upcoming processor technology.

Core 2 Quadro, a CPU that hosts four processing units inside one physical package, was the center of IDF.

Apple And Intel United

Intel is very good at presenting its developments in a way that creates the impression as if the next years would already be carved out of stone. While the product portfolio is in a fluent state and requires periodical adjustment, this impression is certainly true when it comes to technology. With 65-nm processors being widely available for desktops, notebooks and servers, and the competitor still in the process of ramping up 65 nm mass production, Intel's target of being two years ahead of the competition seems to be in reach. The 45-nm process (P1266) is expected to output production silicon by the middle of 2007.

Apple's decision to jump on the Intel wagon, which was triggered by the current Core micro architecture, has had a positive impact on both companies: Intel describes the partnership as very beneficial, because Apple committed to a professional system (Apple Mac Pro), which is based on two Intel Xeon Woodcrest processors.

Apple and Intel work together very well now.

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