Inkjet Printer: End of the Year Roundup

Epson C82

Anyone who buys a C82 will have to start by changing the default parameters to those of the C70 and C80. Otherwise, you will be working in Text mode and find yourself with monochrome and color prints that are unsatisfactory and even worse than draft mode prints by other makes. Happily, the Text & Photo mode is a lot better, but it does use a lot more ink.

Even with the change in resolution, the C82 is not such an expensive printer. It is nowhere near as cheap as the Canon separate-cartridge printers, but it does much better than an HP Deskjet or PhotoSmart. This is a point in its favor.

As for the C82's "record" resolution, just remember that this is really a marketing ploy and not a technical argument. Photos printed at top resolution do not compare with those of the Canon i850 or the HP Deskjet and PhotoSmart with a photo cartridge. Yet these "only" have 4800x1200 dpi against the 5760x1440 on the C82.

Name C82
Manufacturer Epson
Price (USA) $149
Price (EU) 179 €
Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Number of cartridges 4
Price for set of cartridges (USA) $62
Price for set of cartridges (EU) 94 €
Number of colors 4
Speed, B&W 22 ppm
Speed, Color 10.5 ppm
Connectivity parallel & USB 1.1
Paper management tray, 150 sheets
Number of nozzles 360

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