Inkjet Printer: End of the Year Roundup

Epson Stylus 830

To sum up, the Stylus Photo 830 is fairly slow but prints generally well. Its default resolutions are usually adequate and recommended for routine work like printing out web pages, hard copies for proofreading and quick photo prints. You can always use the higher resolutions to improve the results, sharpen outlines and smooth out the few remaining imperfections. We prefer them for things like CVs or photo prints approaching lab quality.

Because it is unreasonable to pay over US$100 or 100 euros a year for printer ink, we recommend the Stylus Photo 830 if you print under 45 pages a month in the States or 30 in Europe, the difference being due to cartridge pricing policy on either side of the Atlantic.

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ModelStylus Photo 820Stylus Photo 830
Price, US$99-
Price, Europe-149 €
Resolution5760 x 720 dpi5760 x 720 dpi
Number of cartridges22
Price for a set of cartridges, US$44$44
Price for a set of cartridges, EU62 €62 €
Number of colors44
Speed, B&W12 ppm12 ppm
Speed, color11 ppm11 ppm
Number of nozzles288288

NB : the photo rating of 4/ 5 is mainly due to the quality of printing in high definition, but also to speed. Because it is so slow - 3 to 8 minutes for a 10x15 print - it loses marks.

We tested the Stylus Photo 830. This is the European version with the same housing, characteristics and cartridges as the Stylus Photo 820 on sale in the States. So our comments theoretically apply equally to both. Theoretically only because the folks at Epson refuse to commit themselves. They sent us an email saying: "We are not able to comment on the differences between features of international products." When asked for test material, Epson USA said they could not lend us any because they get too many such requests. So it seems we'll always have to make do with materials supplied by Epson Europe, who are fortunately much more generous in this regard.

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