Integrated Graphics for Gaming or HTPC?

Video Playback: High-Definition DVD

Moving to high definition content, the Asus P5B-VM with Intel's X3000 IGP could not even play any HD DVD movies or the HQV benchmark. The other three contestants performed about the same. Both AMD/ATI solutions had trouble with film resolution test as the horizontal movement of the fine detail would make the image flicker resulting in a failing score. The Nvidia-based NX8500GT didn't flicker the same as the AMD/ATI solutions but was plagued by the same trailers in the horizontal boxes in the test pattern. Additionally, the 8500GT displayed one grey box instead of having one-pixel high alternating white and black lines. Lastly, because all three contenders' algorithms could not interpret the data correctly in the previous test, they all failed the stadium test as well. The fine detail in the stadium seating encountered the same shifting effect as seen in the test pattern.